How To Install Braiding Hair

How To Install Braiding Hair

How To Install Braiding Hair
nomdeplumesupply.comHow to Install Braiding Hair Extensions: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If You’re Wanting To Add Length, Volume, Or A New Style To Your Hair, Braiding Hair Extensions Are A Versatile And Popular Option For Achieving The Desired Look. Whether You Are A Seasoned Hairstylist Or A Hair Enthusiast Trying It For The First Time, This Step-By-Step Guide Will Walk You Through The Process Of Installing Braiding Hair Extensions.

Step 1: Gather the Tools

Before You Begin, Make Sure You Have All The Necessary Tools At Hand. Here's What You'll Need:

  • Braiding Hair Extensions Of Your Choice Options Linked Below

  • Rat-Tail Comb

  • Hair Clips/Pins

  • Edge Control

  • Mirror

  • Hair Tie Or Elastic Bands

  • A Spray Bottle Filled With Water (Optional)

  • Hair Moisturizer/Leave-In Conditioner (Optional)

Step 2: Prep Your Natural Hair

The Key To Successful Braiding Hair Extensions Is A Proper Foundation. Begin By Properly Washing And Conditioning Your Natural Hair. Ensure That It Is Completely Detangled And Free Of Any Knots Or Matting. Apply A Moisturizer Or Leave-In Conditioner To Ensure Your Hair Is Well-Nourished And Ready For The Braiding Process.

Step 3: Section Your Hair

Using Your Rat-Tail Comb, Create Sections In Your Hair According To The Desired Style. Ensure The Sections Are Neat And Precise To Make The Installation Process Smoother. Use Hair Clips Or Pins To Secure The Rest Of Your Hair While You Work On Each Section. You Can Use Your Edge Control For A More Sleek, Controlled Looked.

Step 4: Adding the Extensions

Take A Small Portion Of The Braiding Hair Extension And Fold It In Half, Ensuring Both Ends Are Aligned. Place The Folded Extension At The Root Of Your Sectioned Hair And Hold It Firmly With Your Non-Dominant Hand. Begin Braiding Your Natural Hair Along With The Extension, Using The Three-Strand Braiding Technique. Keep The Braid Tight And Secure.

Step 5: Continue Braiding

Continue Braiding Along The Length Of Your Hair, Incorporating More Extensions As Needed. Make Sure To Keep The Braids Consistent In Thickness And Tightness To Achieve A Neat And Uniform Look. Take Your Time While Braiding, As Precision Is Important For A Flawless Installation.

Step 6: Secure the Ends

Once You Reach The End Of Your Natural Hair, Continue The Braid A Little Further And Secure It With A Hair Tie Or An Elastic Band. This Will Prevent The Braid From Unraveling While Also Ensuring A Neat Appearance. Repeat The Process For All Sections Until Your Desired Style Is Achieved.

Step 7: Final Touches

Once All The Braids Are Complete, Take A Moment To Check For Any Loose Or Uneven Sections. Adjust And Secure Them Accordingly. You May Lightly Mist Your Hair With Water To Smooth Out Any Flyaways Or Use A Hair Gel For A Sleek Finish. Style Your Hair As Desired And Voila! You're Ready To Rock Your New Braided Hair Extensions.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Avoid Excessive Pulling Or Tugging On The Braids To Prevent Damage To Your Natural Hair.

  • Sleep With A Satin Or Silk Bonnet Or Wrap Your Hair In A Silk Scarf To Reduce Frizz And Maintain The Style For Longer.

  • Moisturize Your Scalp And Braids Regularly To Prevent Dryness And Itchiness.

  • Schedule Touch-Up Appointments Every 4-6 Weeks To Maintain The Integrity Of Your Braids.

Congratulations On Successfully Installing Your Braiding Hair Extensions! Now You Can Enjoy The Versatility And Beauty Of Your New Hairstyle. Remember, Practice Makes Perfect, So Don't Be Discouraged If It Takes A Few Tries To Master The Technique. With Time And Patience, You'll Become An Expert In No Time.

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